How to look your best on a Zoom meeting

Control your lighting

  • If possible, position your device in front of a window for natural lighting. If you cannot gain natural lighting, place your device in front of a light that allows for your face to show clearly on the camera.
  • AVOID: sitting with your camera facing the window. This will allow for the image in the camera to be unclear and dark.

Wear Bright/Solid Colored Clothing

  • Wearing a bright or solid color for a Zoom meeting will allow for your features to be shown more clearly.
  • It will help brighten your camera to make you look more visible.
  • AVOID: Wearing a dark black shirt or a plain white shirt. It pulls away from facial features and can make the picture unclear.

Position the Camera Correctly

  • The camera should be positioned so that your upper body including the chest up is parallel to the screen.
  • Make sure your face is seen clearly in the camera.
  • Sit with your shoulders back and a straight back to appear professional.
  • AVOID: Slouching as well as holding your device instead of placing it on a flat surface. This can appear as unprofessional and will allow for the others to not see you clearly.

Avoid Distracting Backgrounds

  • If possible. position yourself in front of a neutral background
  • AVOID: Positioning yourself in front of a bright colored background.
  • AVOID: Loud noises that can distract your fellow video chatters.

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