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Training Innovations brings training solutions to any company ranging from small business to Fortune 500 companies. As a premier training organization, we provide comprehensive training and educational resources to our clients across the country.

Our services start with a needs analysis, and the options we offer allow our clients to train their staff with a program that is customized to those needs. Meeting the needs of clients with solutions that bring results, Training innovations offers services that meets all our clients’ needs.

With a team of experts, our training expertise spans all industries and includes the business skills needed in today’s competitive markets. Our trainers have the credentials necessary to deliver the training that will allow your staff to meet and exceed their objectives. Each year, we provide training programs and resources to thousands of individuals and organizations in NJ, NY and across the country via virtual and on-demand delivery solutions.

Our services also offer training program design – from refreshing delivery of an existing program or customized new build program to address needs of your company.

Training Innovations also assists our clients through consulting services with organizational efficiency, strategic business planning and software and system implementation projects.



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Maria DeLorenzis Reyes


Maria has over 30 years of experience in training and development, product management, project management and business process re-engineering. The combination of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, coupled with business education in varied industries is one of her most significant qualities. Maria has the unique perspective of seeing things from both sides – inside multi-million and billion-dollar organizations and building her own businesses and that of her clients.

Hailed as a straightforward leader, Maria only gives the real truth to help companies grow and prosper. At times pushing boundaries, her intention is always to challenge the status quo, help open minds, and try innovative approaches that others may not see as options. She is passionate about what she does, sharing her insights and knowledge with others to help and serve them.


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Marketing and Operations Coordinator


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Operations Assistant



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What Our Clients Are Saying:

Training Innovations is assisting us to improve our internal process efficiency. Through a comprehensive program they designed specifically for us, the team quickly demonstrated their disciplined, systematic approach to changing our workflow and training us to gain the skills needed to increase productivity. This resulted in a better work environment and seemed to remove the barriers that kept getting in the way. Maria’s team worked with our staff for a brief period and was able to produce results that exceeded our expectations. She helped our teams streamline their tasks, and that prepared us in both responding to our client needs and implementing internal initiatives necessary to grow as a company.”

Ron Foster

Vice President of Operation, NJ manufacturing company

Together with the Training Innovations project team, we have developed a selection of training workshops that are highly interactive, relevant, engaging and as bespoke for all of our members of staff. The feedback from our staff has been highly positive and we are starting to see results of the training showing through in presentations that are being written and business that is being negotiated! Due to the success of the first few workshops, we have added several new modules that have been well received and we continue, with Training Innovations to constantly evolve our programs to ensure we keep our staff motivated and well trained. As our relationship with Training Innovations’ team develops so does their understanding of us as an organization and we are excited for them to become an intrinsic part of our business in the future!

Michelle Taylor

VP of Sales, PFG

Maria gave practical and real advice to leaders in the area when she spoke on the topic of ‘resiliency’ at the Executive Leadership Summit for Women. Maria is a dynamic presenter and infuses energy into the room when she speaks. It is clear that she has encountered many challenges in her career and life but has conquered these with her perseverance and tenacity. The participants could not say enough about her ability to provide open and honest perspectives in an entertaining way that was full of humor and real talk.

Eva Karns

Executive Director Leadership Forum